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Air Sens Mouse

Air Sens Mouse

Android, BlackBerry
V. 1.1
Use your smartphone as a mouse via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

[ Supported PC OS ]
* Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32bit/64bit), Mac ( Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks )

[ News ]
* Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.
* Very simple and fast.
* Two mouse modes:
- Traditional mouse or laptop touchpad, touch your smartphone and move the mouse cursor.
- Air Mouse, a new option that uses the mobile phone acceleration and gyroscope sensors to move the cursor following your smartphone’s movement (Like a Wii controller).

[ How to use ]
* You only need a laptop or computer with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter to connect your smartphone and use it as a mouse.
* Very easy to connect, install the driver or server in your computer (VERY IMPORTANT).

(REQUIREMENT TO RUN SERVER: Java SE Runtime Environment - )

You only need to run it, refresh the app list if needed, select your device or IP and begin to use it.
(If you have problems with Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, uninstall it and install other Bluetooth Stack).

[ Features ]
- Simple and fast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi device selection.
- Air Mouse.
- Pad Mouse.
- Left and right mouse buttons with animation (You can press the buttons on the screen or press [+] (plus) and [-] (minus) volume buttons on your smartphone).
- Scroll wheel option (2 fingers to Pad Mouse, and drag finger in wheel image to Air Mouse).
- Vibration function.
- Writing option to use alphanumeric keyboard (available in Windows).
- Assign Sensitivity value.
- Assign Acceleration value.
- The “Server Tray Icon” appears on the menu bar of your server app to see your IP.
- Preview list of paired devices.

[ Upcoming Features ]
- File explorer for PC
- Add direct access to files.

Android app on Google Play
BlackBerry World