moBBat (Bluetooth)

V. 1.1
Use your smartphone to show battery level in your computer via Bluetooth.

[ Supported PC OS ]
* Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32bit/64bit), Mac ( Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks )

[ News ]
* Bluetooth connection.
* Very simple and fast.
* Watch the mobile phone battery like an icon in your computer, with images by level, and to charge state.

[ How to use ]
* You only need a laptop or computer with Bluetooth adapter to connect your smartphone and show the battery level.
* Very easy to connect, install the driver or server in your computer (VERY IMPORTANT).
* To refresh the app manually you have to launch it, else it refresh when battery level change or connect/disconnect the power cable.

(REQUIREMENT TO RUN SERVER: Java SE Runtime Environment - )

You only need to run it, refresh the app list if needed, select your device and begin to use it.
(If you have problems with Toshiba Bluetooth Stack, uninstall it and install other Bluetooth Stack).

[ Features ]
- Simple and fast Bluetooth device selection.
- The “Server Tray Icon” appears on the menu bar of your server app to see your mobile phone level.
- Configuration to select level to show notifications.
- Select if "Show notifications" and if "Play sound" when notifications appear.
- Preview list of paired devices.
- Reconnection option to select other bluetooth device.